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Description of Dalily - Caller ID

Dalily is the best Arabic caller ID and search engine for identifying real and true caller. It has more intelligence than other search engine. Dalily caller lets you search beyond your existing phone book list, identify unknown incoming calls and names.

It also searches for any number whether it’s local or across the Arab world. Dalily caller app identifies almost a hundreds of millions record in (Saudi Arabia (KSA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Kuwait - Bahrain - Oman - Qatar - Yemen - Jordan - Lebanon - Syria - Egypt - Iraq - Morocco - Tunisia - Algeria - Sudan - Palestine - Libya- Comoros - Djibouti - Mauritania - Somalia)

** Features **
- User can search by phone number or name.
- View the personal photo, video, address, job and social networks like (Facebook, Twitter…) etc of the searched person if available.
- Show all the existing names related to searched phone number order by recent.
- Notify the user if someone searches for his number in Dalily.
- Identify who’s calling you if you don’t have their number in your address book.
- Identify if the person has WhatsApp or not.
- Fast and easy in use.
- Show the Emergency contacts for above mentioned countries.
- Enhanced Version of new feature "Who Search for Me" which will allow user to know, who searched for your phone number in Dalily.
- Email backup feature for backing up your contact list to your email.
- Block unwanted calls.
- Remove Abusive Names
- Name Enhancement
- Change Profile Image and profile privacy settings
- Transliteration for Non-English Names
- Ability to upload video directly through storage or camera
- Addition of last seen location in search result
- Upload ID Proof in Name Enhancement service for more authenticity of request
- Subscription of advertisement removal
- New and simpler authentication mechanism

** Coming Soon **
- Adding more countries to available search countries.

All the listed information in Dalily are public one and available on the internet and are collected from different internet resources for the purpose of search convenience.

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3 years ago

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فيروس خطير الاصدار السابق كان برامج تجسس. ونسخ ارقام الهواتف المحمولة وكان يعمل تمام ولا برامج تجسس اما هذا كارثة

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3 years ago

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هذا فيروس قاتل أنتبه اي واحد يحمله

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3 years ago

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ممتازجدآوشكرآللعاملين عليه ونتطلع المزيد

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3 years ago

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هذا فايرس لأحد يحمله

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‫اسماء الحربي‬‎ 3 years ago

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ممتاز جدا 😃

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almagnom atawi 3 years ago

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شكرا جزيلن على هذا التطبيق الأكثر من جميل

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